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Coffee Beans

We source only premium beans to compete in a growing coffee market with quality blends. Using the finest Arabica beans from premium growing regions around the world. Beans are sourced from Papua New Guinea, Brazil, India, Kenya, Ethiopia and more.


Roasting we use a Brambati the Italian producer of some of the world's leading coffee roasting equipment and produces a consistent, even, quality roasting process every time.

**We also have several single origin roasts Uganda Bugisu AA, CR Fancy Colibri Tarrazu Honey SHB, Ethiopian Sidamo G2, Colombia Bombon Specialty, Mexico FTO, Brazil Fancy Cerrado. Enquire for more information.

Capo Boss.jpg

Premium beans sourced from Brazil, India, Columbia and Papua New Guinea. Espresso Flavours: Hints of chocolate, honey liqueur and tropical fruit. 

Tasting Notes: This rich intense flavoured blend produces a rich golden crema and a highly aromatic finish. Winning a bronze medal in the milk category this coffee provides customers with a consistently beautiful coffee.

Cafe Padrino.jpg

Espresso Flavours: Sweet Chocolate taste with hints of sweet berry fruits, malt and spice.

Tasting Notes: Delicate Blend with a light acidity level producing a smooth beautiful flavours with delicious sweet flavours and a light spicy floral aroma.


Gluten Free Tempt chai latte pre-mix combining spray-dried black tea and a complex blend of ‘comfort spices’, sugar, milk and honey that have made it one of our favourite café beverages today.

Capo Decaf.jpg

Capo Decaf is a premium decaffeinated coffee grown in Mexico.


The process to decaffeinate is 100% water based so no chemicals involved at all. When roasted the Capo Decaf keeps its full bodied flavour and taste.

Capo Rico.jpg

Colombian, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Indian AA.


As a black coffee has a deep body with brown sugar sweetness and as milk based Caramel tones, body with a soft vanilla finish and long lasting linger.

Sapori Chocolate.jpg

Gluten Free Tempt chai latte pre-mix combining spray-dried black tea and a complex blend of ‘comfort spices’, sugar, milk and honey that have made it one of our favourite café beverages today.

Capo Naturale.jpg

Capo Naturale is the most natural flavoured coffee in the collection, for the real coffee lover. 

Capo Speciale.jpg

This is our Roasters choice and can include Colombia Pensilvania, Ethiopia Guji Hambella, Uganda Bugisu AA, Tarrazu Honey SHB, Colombia BonBon, Mexico FTO, Brazil Fancy Cerrado, Burundi Rugori, Red Bourbon, Brazil Andressa Natural, Honduras Organic and Australian Mareeba.


Sapori is the Italian word for tasty and Flavour. Driven by Flavour and passion for coffee we developed our Sapori Syrups with raw sugar and all natural colours and flavours to bring out the best ‘in cup’ taste experience possible. NO GMO


Hospitality Packaging 

View our full range of cafe and hospitality packaging at our sister site - 

Stock It is passionate about renewable products and has partnered with Australia's leading packaging manufacturer's to bring the best products to the Sunshine Coast. The main manufacturers are BioPak and Greenmark in the Biodegradable space. Even with all our passion, the technology hasn't met up with demand with some of the products Stock It supply. We refer to these products as "LandFill" products just to remind everyone that these products will not compost in a practical timeframe when compared to the other compostable products.

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Coffee Supplies 

View our full range of coffee supplies at our sister site -

Honcho Coffee Supplies is based in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, on a mission to grow through both Wholesale and Retail coffee lovers nationally.

Honcho Coffee Supplies offers all of the equipment and coffee you’ll need to make great coffee for your customers in your own cafe, or in the comfort of your own home, simply because every coffee lover deserves a delicious brew at home.

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