Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

We have what you need to keep your cafe sparkling clean, without all the elbow grease!

Recently we have spoken with many of our clients about the importance of maintaining a clean coffee machine and clean kitchen. Whether it is for home use, in the office or commercial use, it is imperative that your machine is cleaned adequately and regularly. Without correct cleaning procedures you will find that your machine produces a compromised flavour espresso, the wear and tear will be greater and the overall life of your coffee machine is limited. Meanwhile, your kitchen area should be sparkling clean and safe from any contamination.  

Let’s start with your coffee machine. A clean machine will give peace of mind that it will continue working to its full potential for longer. It is not even that difficult. We have a full range of products that will make cleaning your machine easier. Let us run through a couple of your ‘must have’ cleaning products to get your moving in the right direction for excellent tasting coffee and long lasting espresso machines!

Firstly, you are going to need the Honcho Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets. These powerful little tabs are suited to a wide range of coffee machines and brands including but not limited to Franke, Miele, Delonghi, Sunbeam and much more. The espresso machine tablets simply go in the brew unit through the grounds chute or designated tablet entry point. It will effectively work to clean and remove coffee oils and residue from the brewing chamber during any brew unit cleaning process. We also offer cleaning powder in 100g, 500g & 1kg to cover all sizes of domestic and business machines.

Now, you should also pick up the Honcho Milk Steamer Cleaning Solution because this will do an amazing job and  make light work of stubborn milk scum and build up on milk lines, valves and jugs. All you should do is use 50ml of solution to a half litre of water and run the solution through the frothing device and repeat with fresh water twice. Soak all your milk lines and frothing components one a week for up to 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly afterwards. To keep your steam wands clean, steam the solution in a milk jug just as you would with milk, turning the steam on and offer over a one-minute period allowing the solution to work its way up the steam arm. Just repeat this process twice with fresh water and you are good go!

The final cleaning product you must have is the Honcho Triple Action Descaler. Using a blend of proprietary organic acids and surfactants, the Honcho Triple Action Descaler acts to penetrate, life and dissolve harmful scale while cleaning your machine. The Triple Action formula is odour free and safe for all machine surfaces and components. Routine descaling and cleaning is so important for any machine as it dissolves and removes dirt and scale build up and keeps it running at tip top condition. Some telltale signs that you need to hit your machine with the Honcho Triple Action Descaler is if you notice low water temperature, poor steam performance, poor water flow or slow to come to operation temperature.

Now to your kitchen and cafe in general. You can see our full range of cleaning products here but we will give you the hot tip on our favourites and best sellers now. We cannot go past the All Purpose Sanitiser Concentrate because it is so versatile and cost effective, while making light work of cleaning all surfaces. You can use this handy concentrate on benchtops, for soaking cutlery, on floors and even cutting boards. 

We guess everyone knows now the importance of clean hands after our experience with Covid-19…. well, we have just the thing to make sure all those grubby hands are clean and fresh without any fuss. Our Antibacterial Foaming Handwash is ideal for the busy kitchen. So easy to store and refill, this will get your team through the flu season and beyond, ensuring that germs are not passed on from surface to surface.    

So there you have it, cleanliness really is close to godliness. Make sure your espresso machine is as looked after as those who get to enjoy the brews it produces by practicing regular cleaning and maintenance. You will taste the difference, your machine will last you longer and you will be overall happier with the performance.

You can buy online or order with local pickup for Sunshine Coast locals. Collection available from our Warana warehouse!


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