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The faces behind Sapps and Co...

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

Goal in life was to always own my own restaurant and move to the Coast. 2005 I bought ‘Melomys of the Meadows’ in Buderim meadows and moved to Sunshine Coast from Brisbane.

A lot of my customers became friends and this is how Ebony and I met in 2007. She even did some shifts behind the counter while working full time in her industry background Property management. 2012 we decided to sell the restaurant to get married and start a family (Because i was working 6/7 days and Ebony 5 days we hadn’t had much time to enjoy together since meeting!) We got Married in 2012 and had our First little girl in 2013, we then had our Second little girl in 2016.

As a chef/head chef/executive chef/ Business owner I always believed in using fresh local quality products. Being brought up in an Italian background organic home grown fruit and Vegetables played a big role in my upbringing. Being Italian everyday 2,3,5 times a day the smell of coffee came from our kitchen and the smell of fresh home cooked meals from my Dads Vegie garden. Being in the industry for 20+ years I realised that all suppliers and sales reps were all very similar in the sense that No one was unique. Not one supplier could offer me good local products because there wasn’t enough margin for them. Everything was nearly imported. Food reps were not familiar with the products they sold or why they were selling it. Service was very minimal and no one understood how hard it is to actually run a cafe or restaurant, they just wanted to get you on board as a customer and make sales. Sunshine Coast has a lot of talent which is hidden by big suppliers offering imported products and price cutting the locals. This is when we came up with the idea of building our own food and beverage distribution. And being the one stop shop from roasting our own local coffee, Locally made desserts, packaging, chemicals, To full coffee machine installs, servicing and training. We advise how to present, sell and how to make money out of the products. Explaining the whole process sitting down with each of our clients if that is what they would like us to do.

Branding is our big focus for cafes and restaurants. Even though we have our own coffee brands you can choose from we can also supply your own coffee brand. Starting you with a tour of our roastery to a coffee tasting of our several blends you can choose from or even create your own. Then we can brand the coffee to a logo of your choice. This does Help your business build their own brand and Also eliminates customers comparing your coffee with other cafes/restaurants. As well as makes your business unique. We also can brand coffee cups, cold clear cups, napkins, greaseproof paper etc. Branding is the key to promote your business.

We understand all areas in hospitality from the dishwasher to the manager, chef, owner. To the marketing. Consulting cafe, restaurants and bar set ups. And we understand that service is the key to be successful. We want to provide, quality, loyal service to you.

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