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I have been a chef for over 20 years and in those years I have worked for small family businesses, spanning from cafes to restaurants and bars. During my career I have seen every angle you can imagine. My experience includes working as a dishy, front of house, kitchen hand, chef, manager, executive chef, accounts manager to then owning my own restaurant and café.

I am now the proud owner and founder of Sapps and Co, a leading coffee roaster and wholesale distribution company servicing South East Queensland. A few questions I am often asked since launching Sapps and Co is, why did you start your business and what makes you different to your competition. My answer is fairly straight forward and simple. I started my business for my family. I want to provide them with the best future possible and the best way I knew how to do this was to control my own employment. This way I manage my own hours and can achieve based on my performance and my output is completely dependent on my input, I didn’t have this security working within other businesses.

Now, what makes me different? I think the main reason people notice a difference when working with Sapps and Co, is that I actually care about my clients. I care about the staff, the owners and the success of their business. I believe strongly in what I supply and why I supply it and how the end consumer can use it and make the best margins.

From my experience, owning your own cafe or restaurant is probably one of the hardest businesses to run and to actually make money. It is my experience that allows me to really appreciate the hard work that the owners are putting into their business and therefore I provide a service that they deserve at a level that they need.

I go above and beyond. I am not just a food and beverage wholesaler, I actually operate as a consultant for my clients. I show businesses where they save and how they can use our products to get the best value for money. I also support creating a business structure that will be the most profitable and productive.

I eliminate the sales pitch that most sales representatives resort to. They are selling a product that they are employed to sell, while I am a business owner that is genuinely looking to provide the best solutions possible. I ask where I can help within their business and develop a recommendation based on what the business actually needs instead of just pushing a product that may be inappropriate for their business.

I understand that most business owners are going to be fixated on price because the number one question I am asked during a consultation is can you beat our prices. Again, this is where my differences are evident, instead of just trying to cut costs on products and engage in a price war I can analyse your business and demonstrate where you can make real savings. I can help you reduce your product costs, but I can also work with you to show you where you can save thousands every year in wages, eliminate waste, increase your average spend per head, improve your cash flow and more. I can provide this next level service because of my commitment to my clients and my extensive experience in the industry.

So, that about sums it up. I love owning my own business because it provides the flexibility I need to provide for my family both financially but also emotionally and physically. I can also utilise my years in the industry to benefit my clients, improve their businesses and help others to achieve the same within their business.

It is time for local small businesses to band together and support each other to be the best we can be. I would love to hear from any local restaurant, café or bar owners that would like to chat about how together we can create a business solution that will increase revenue and improve overall performance. Give me a call or send me an email today to start your journey with Sapps and Co.


M: 0414 857 286 

E: info@sappsandco.com.au

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