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The main reason that people choose the Sapps and Co freshly roasted coffee beans is because we offer a customised solution for every individual café. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to how we do business. It is this personalised service and customised support that is the number one reason our clients choose us over the competition. We really care about our clients and their business and that shows in the product and service delivery. We have created a comprehensive process that goes beyond just supplying your beans and will ensure that you are not just serving amazing coffee, but that your business is efficient, dynamic, unique and profitable. I am going to take you on a quick journey now so you can see just how different we really are!

To start our business relationship, we always visit your café, restaurant or bar to get a feel for your venue, take in the ambience, understand your service methods, how you position yourself in the marketplace and the quality you would expect from your suppliers. Once we have a solid comprehension of your business we focus on what simple tweaks we can help you implement to improve your coffee sales and make you more profitable. Having years of industry experience and a fresh set of eyes, we can easily identify if you need a little more training, recruitment of quality baristas, extra signage, umbrellas, changes to your work flow or layout of equipment, water quality and pressure, machinery upgrades, the list goes on. In a nutshell, we work with you to audit your output and see what we can do to support improvement.

The next step is to invite you to our roaster for a tour and tasting of many of our award winning coffee blends and single origins. We take you on a journey around our warehouse, which educates you through the step-by-step from green bean to our superior finished product. Once you have seen our processes, you move to the tasting room where you have the opportunity to sample our products and we work with you to formulate a blend that works perfectly with you, your menu and your preferences. Throughout the tasting process you will learn about the origins of each bean and what tastes can be achieved, from sweet to strong to chocolatey! Once you have arrived at a decision about your preferred blend most of the work is done. From there we work on packaging which could be utilising one of our own brands, Capo Espresso or Nudo espresso or you even have the choice of creating your very own brand of coffee – the ‘brand your own’ product.

Over the last few years we have observed a significant upturn in cafes and espresso bars requesting their own private label coffee instead of the standard brands being offered by most suppliers. This gives cafes and bars the opportunity to differentiate from their competition and offer a unique coffee experience for their customers. Creating your own brand of course takes creativity, commitment and good old fashioned hard work but the rewards really are worthwhile.

The ‘brand your own’ product really commences at the end of your tasting journey but progresses over time where we work with you to develop the creative around the brand identity. We then work through the actual design and development of the logo and imagery that supports your coffee brand. Once a design has been firmly locked in we provide proofs for labels and other packaging and you get the opportunity to give the final go ahead, once 100% approved, we press the button! This is when the vision becomes a reality. The labels and packaging are printed and ready for distribution. We keep the branding materials at the warehouse and utilise as your coffee orders are received.

Once your coffee beans are branded, we redirect focus onto your existing equipment, which we have our technician analyse and review at no cost to you, to ensure it is not preventing you from delivering a superior and delicious product to your customers. The technicians provide a formal report with recommendations which could include suggestions to upgrade products, service requirements and other ideas that could improve your efficiency and flavour. Depending on your volumes, our support ranges from providing a new machine, a loan machine or at least point you in the right direction for your plant and equipment setup.

After we are happy you are equipped to deliver the best coffee possible, we shift focus to your baristas and service staff. Our training programs have been designed to provide long-term training with focused individuals to deliver the best results possible. We remind our clients that the art of making great coffee does not happen overnight and as such we train your key people throughout the process to ensure they are empowered, confident and enthusiastic about delivering your product perfectly every – single – time!

By now you will be feeling the Sapps and Co difference… your coffee will be your own customised, perfect flavour, your machines will be pumping out your best product and your baristas will be leading the industry in delivering a premium product and changing people’s days, one amazing coffee at a time. Now it is time for us to look at branding, this could be printed coffee cups, barriers, umbrellas, chalkboards, signage, planter boxes or other quirky custom touches that you think could change the ambience and energy in your café. We work with you and your budget to create a brand powerhouse and going back and forth with proofs we ensure you are happy before giving the final go ahead for printing. Your dream brand will really be coming to life now! It doesn’t stop there, Sapps and Co will ensure you are getting the best deals on all your ancillary products including teas, chai, chocolate powers, syrups and even packaging.

Now it is go time! Your new branding is installed, your machines are working like… well… a well-oiled machine, your baristas are ahead of the game, your beans are to die for and your customers, they just keep coming back! Our goal is to get your business running in the most efficient way, to produce the most revenue possible while also ensuring your customers experience is second to none.

What have you got to lose, call me today to feel the Sapps and Co difference for yourself!

Dan Saporita

M: 0414 857 286

E: dan@sappsandco.com.au

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