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Christmas really is a special time of year… what other time can you feel such atmosphere, such excitement and anticipation. No matter where you go you can enjoy Christmas trees, lights, Santa and who could forget, the parties. It is pretty much the only time of year that everyone gets the chance to stop and look back on the year and celebrate all the trials and tribulations with family close by. It is a time to thank everyone that makes your life better, an opportunity to recognise the impact your loved ones have on you every day. It doesn’t matter if you think of family, friends, colleagues or clients, it is a time of year that brings happiness and joy.

Family traditions that can be enjoyed this year and for years to come are a beautiful part of the season. We love the special moments we share with our girls as we decorate our Christmas tree together year after year. Each year is different and it is a special time for our family where we can reflect on how much the girls have grown, what they have learned and how much more independent they are than the year before. We love writing Christmas cards to Santa and making Christmas decorations to hang around the house. We take the time to drive the streets to look at Christmas lights and cherish our night out at the carols. These moments we will never get back. We visit our friends and family and exchange gifts, hugs and smiles and of course we eat more than we need and really indulge. Forget the diets, this time of year is for sweets, seafood and lots of drinks together.

We love to save money all year for this big event, for the opportunity to spoil our loved ones, splurge on food and entertainment and fun. We can really appreciate how great life is, we take photos to remember the moments for years to come.

During this Christmas time we hope you see the lights, decorate the tree, eat the festive treats, hug your loved ones and look back on just how far you have come since this time last year. From my Sapps and Co family to yours, we hope you enjoy this time of year just as much as we do and we can’t wait to hear all about your traditions and how you celebrate Christmas!

Dan Saporita

M: 0414 857 286

E: dan@sappsandco.com.au

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